Leather Tutorial


There are a wide variety of sources for learning how to work with most traditional art mediums. Instruction can be found in many books at local stores, from educational institutions, and from many people in the community. Many, if not most, people learn how to work with these mediums as early as grade school, and have probably played with some some of them earlier than that. This isn't really true of leather art. While there used to be an introduction to leathercraft in some high schools, even that is rare to find today.

When people see what is done with leather, many people ask, "How do you do that?". These pages have been added to address such interest and describe some of the processes I use in creating leather pieces. A few may be unique to my style, but for the most part, they are common to many leather artists and craftsmen.

The two tabs below address different questions regarding working with leather. The first - Types - shows the different ways of decorating leather, or decorating with leather. This tutorial is probably incomplete, but should represent a reasonable cross-section of styles. The second - Checkbook - is a step-by-step process of creating a checkbook from start to finish.

Caution: These pages have a fair amount of graphics on them. While I have tried to limit the number and size of images, be prepared to wait a little if you have a dialup internet connection.